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Historia Nässjö Sågbladsfabrik

The story of Nässjö Saw Blades

Janne Friberg, the founder of the company, was born 1875 in Gräsgärde close to the city of Kalmar and died 1942 in Nässjö. In the mid 1890s he went, like many other young men, to the sawmill districts in northern Sweden, where there was plenty of work. He was employed at Stora Kopparberg sawmill in Kubikenborg. After some time at the sawmill, he began to learn how to tension the circulare saw blades.

After a few years he was employed as a sawdoctor at Stridsberg & Björck factory in Trollhättan. He stayed there a until 1901. The following year, 1902, he started J. Friberg Nässjö, a repair shop for saw blades. During the first years the small number of machines was powered by a small steam engine, but later he received electric power and light from the city's electricity plant. During the late 30's production of new circular saw blades started, primarily of hardened steel plates from Spear & Jackson Ltd in Sheffield, England.

To be able to hardened the sawblade steel in Nässjö a new building was built, in 1944, and inside a new hardening furnace was constructed for a maximum diameter of 1250 mm. In the beginning the furnance was heated by fuel oil. During the war the oil was hard to come by and the power was instead generated by two producer-gas units for trucks, they where mounted outside the factory wall. In 1949 the factory was in some extent reconstructed and high-voltage transformer was installed and the entire production line was electrified. At the same time the hardening furnace was rebuilt to fit circular saw blades of maximum diameter of 1810 mm. The third building at Virkesgatan 8, Nässjö, was built in 1972 and an extension was made in 1976.


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